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Late to the Party

jat_sapphire's fandom journal

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23 September
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  • jat_sapphire@livejournal.com
My first online fandom was Star Trek, the original series (though I dipped a toe in Next Gen fandom), and I was a frequent commenter for a while on the Yahoo!Groups version of alt.startrek.creative.erotica (ASCEML). Then I gradually slipped away to Starsky and Hutch fandom. I'm still a lurker on Venice Place, a list for Starsky/Hutch on Google Groups. I was active in journalfen's Fandom_Wank. I've dropped in and out of mailing-list fandoms here and there; basically, I'm a slasher who's interested in fandom culture. I work in academia. I'm bisexual. Currently, I'm a fan of The Professionals, the UK TV series.

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