August Experience Meme

For byslantedlight
Been married:n
Been divorced:n
Been in love: y
Gone on a blind date:y
Skipped school: y
Watched someone give birth:n
Watched someone die:y
Been to Canada: y
Been to Spain:n
Ridden in an ambulance: not ridden, did have a check in one.
Been to Hawaii:n
Been to the Shetland Islands n
Been to Europe: y
Been to North America: y
Been to Las Vegas: n
Been to Manchester: n
Been to Washington D.C: y
Been to London: y
Been to Nashville:n
Been to Nottingham: n
Visited Florida: y
Visited Cornwall: n
Visited Mexico:n
Visited France: y
Seen the Grand Canyon in person: n
Seen the Swiss Alps in person: n
Flown in a helicopter: n
Been on a cruise:n
Served on a jury:n
Been in a movie:n
Danced in the rain: n
Been to Los Angeles:n
Been to Edinburgh: y
Been to New York City: y
Been to Cardiff: n
Played in a marching band:n
Sang karaoke:n
Laughed so much you cried: y
Laughed so hard you peed:y
Caught a snowflake on your tongue: y
Had children:n
Had a pet(s):y
Been sledding on a big hill:y
Been downhill skiing:n
Been water skiing:n
Rode on a motorcycle: n
Travelled to all 50 states in the USA:n
Travelled to all 50 sovereign states in Europe:n
Travelled to all 4 countries in the UK: n
Jumped out of a plane:n
Been to a drive-in movie: y
Rode an elephant: (Nope, but I've ridden a camel! Why doesn't this say camel?!)y (at a zoo. Successfully ruding a camel, I think would be harder.)
Rode a horse: y
Been on TV: n
Been in the newspaper: n (unless you count being name checked in an obituary)
Stayed in the hospital: y
Gotten a piercing: y
Driven a stick shift vehicle: n
Driven an automatic gears vehicle: n
Been scuba diving: n
Lived on your own: y
Rode in the back of a police car: n
Got a speeding ticket: n
Broken a bone: n
Gotten stitches: y
Travelled alone: y
Bought a house:n
Danced all night:n
Road tripped with friends: y
Gone white water rafting:n

I Guess It Is Spring After All

Just the last few days, the temperature has risen to what I recognize as springlike. I'm fond of wild or low-maintenance flowers myself, like dandelions and lilies of the valley (haven't seen any of the latter yet), lilacs and violets and bleeding-hearts.


In fact, I'm beginning to get a story idea. How does "Bleeding Hearts" sound as a title?

Ugh. Thanks/No thanks, 2020.

I saw the movie Cats today. Contrary to pretty much every review online, I wasn't dropped into Uncanny Valley or upset by non-singers' singing. I saw the stage show years ago, and I kind of liked the CGI costumes, actually. And I love Judi Dench and Ian McKellan.

However, I've been sick 2 or 3 times since I got home. This is what I dislike about being a grown-up: there's nobody else to clean up when I'm sick. Fortunately I don't have a dog, and though I feel my cat is inordinately interested in my mess, at least he only sniffs it.

2019 was a dumpster fire for me. I hoped 2020 would start getting better right away, but not so much. *sigh* Wish me luck, friends. At least I probably won't need to shovel snow tomorrow, though I do need to go to work.

May we all have better days and peaceful nights ahead.

Newest Words


I think I first read this in a Wodehouse book. "Let's tootle," says somebody, or Bertie says he was "tootling along"-- moving, lightly, in a good mood, not doing anything important. Bodie gives the illusion of tootling along, but I don't think he tootles much.

I think I read this one in The Robe or I, Claudius-- one of those novels in which Tiberius is an old creep. Old. Senescent.

I love this word. A persnickity person is anal, picky, but comic with it.

I can't remember where I read it first, but it's also in I, Claudius a bit. Something that has reached the best of its kind, or someone who becomes a god.

Not very Pros-y, this set. Sigh.

Sometimes I post just to keep track of stuff

Words from a "words USers don't understand" article for use in fic;

"Anorak" as a person
"Banjaxed" f'd up (clearly in a story with Jax featured)
"On it like a car bonnet" (got it covered)
"Buck eedjit" friendly "idiot"--Northern Irish
"Chopsy" Welsh for cheeky or talking too much
"Duff" or fake
"Gaff" where you live
"Goonie" Scots for nightgown. The article says nobody knows where it comes from. Seems obvious to me.
"Tamping" Stomping mad. Welsh. More words for outbursts of temper are always good for Doyle.

Yet more words with bonus words


"A gibbous moon" is a phrase I've read quite a bit. I can even identify a moon when it's gibbous. I didn't know what the definition is. It's something showing more than half a disk but less than full.

A sobriquet is a nickname. If someone were mad enough to call Bodie "Bobo," that could be called a sobriquet.

Inspissate means to make thicker, as pne might do when cooking. I've never seen that word used.

Portentous is something important, or something treated as important. If someone is conceited and arrogant, s/he may explain something portentously. Willis, I'd say.
snoopy, dance, happy

More Words!

Junket, Parsimonious, Mellifluous

I thought a junket was a milk pudding. But it's a journey somebody else pays for.

Parsimonious is tightfisted-- someone who is reluctant to spend money. I'm not convinced that Doyle is parsimonious, but I can believe Cowley is. Nothing to do with being Scottish.

Mellifluous, I knew through pre/suffix learning. Melli is to do with honey, and fluou is to do with flowing. So flowing smoothly like honey is mellifluous.

Geeze, I get Obsessed

I was looking for a particular DIAG story, clucked the tag in AO3, and got 16 hits. But the first 5 are stories I wrote. 5!

The other 11 are written by 6 other people. Three wrote two each.

Five, huh. I don't know how I feel about that.

In cat news, he's settled down in a spot under the bed. Sometimes he sits on top, which he did this morning, and if I'm not visible when he comes out and wants attention, he meows until I come to give it. Then he goes back under. No dawn chorus this morning, unless I just slept through it. He has eaten almost all of the cat food I left for him. The bathtub faucet drips, so he's had water, too. Used the box, I think. If I can interest him in a toy, I think I can say that he has decided he lives here.

Esurient, Lambent, and Otiose

So these are the next 3 Word Genius words. I knew lambent. I think I've even used it in a story. It means lit up, giving light, like a lantern. Often used of someone's eyes when they glare. Rar! Ray!

Esurient is having an appetite that's out of control. Bodie with sweets. Or maybe in general.

Bodie looked at the pastry tray with esurience while Doyle glared, his eyes lambent.

Otiose-- the image in my mind is obese, and an older meaning is indolent, but really it means serving no purpose, useless.

So nobody in Pros.