Another Writing Update

Well, I finished "The Boxer"! It felt longer than the word-length adds up to. Maybe because I wrote it a line here and a line there. Moments stolen at work. I had today off and I'm off tomorrow, too! It's getting a little more like Spring. Nothing blooming or noticeably in leaf, but the snow evaporating and the temperature well above freezing.

Aaargh! So annoyed at myself.

I do not know how I managed to NOT save my latest idea as a draft on AO3. It's posted with almost no story in it! I did get one short chapter actually written, so I can call it a WIP rather than just someone else's song lyrics. I am sorry! And Queenafoster, thank you for a wholly undeserved kudo. But it will be a story! Really!

Writing Update

So, Valentines Day and I finally finished "I'll Be Home for Christmas." </p>

At this rate I had better not try the Big Bang again this year. Maybe with TWO years, I can write that sequel. And the Thousand Years story. And the song-lyric ones that keep earworming at me.

Never mind. I got the third story finished, and I've got ideas ahead of me. Good, right?


What city?

I could just write the second part of "Please Have Snow and Mistletoe" as set in Derby. I had wanted to include a bit set in the city in "In the Public Interest" ... but that city is never named. We find out
a) it is not Derby
b) Doyle lived there in his youth
c) the Chief Constable spends time there
d) it is, according to Cowley, "one of the largest cities" in the country and
e) it has a prison of which Green and his ... force are very proud.

Most of these could be about Derby, as the county seat of Derbyshire, though I am not sure how the Chief Constables are organized. It's got the prison; it's got secondary schools; while not high on the list of the largest cities, it's like #17 or so, which works if I stretch a point.

But Bodie says, when Doyle talks about sneaking in to movie theatres to see sexy films, "But I thought you came from Derby." So, they are not in Derby then. I looked up another local city with a prison (there are so many!) But it wasn't even as high as #17 in size. And now I can't remember the name.

I dunno, I guess I'll try sticking to Derby. It had a Woolworth's in 1980, anyway, though the chain was dying already then. I saw a 1980 Woolworth's ad on YouTube and some artificial trees that could have been bought there.

The Plan for November

I had a plan for this November. Not wild or elaborate. I was going to (1) get a non-tax job. (2) Hide under the bed on 11/3, which seems a better and better idea for recent elections. (3) Write a UK Civil War B/D story for Guy Fawkes and Armistice Day. (4) Write Christmas fanfics so I am not doing this panicky fandance at the end of November. Now the fresh hell of the US elections seems wholly predictable but still mind-melting, but I thought I could still do the rest. Instead, I am busting my butt trying to catch up with tax classes so I can work at H & R Block after all. Am I stupider or are these new tax classes SO MUCH HARDER? I voted early and tried not to stress about the election, and Biden won but I think we will need to use a gigantic nutcracker to get Peanut Man the hell out of the White House. I wrote the first half of that B/D but OMGTHEDAMNTAXCLASSES and I have not finished the second half. Or gone on to write any Christmas anything.

I mean, this fortnight could be worse. But. Well. More tax stuff tomorrow, and I hope I can get my CE credits and get that 1661 story done.

May everyone else have a better fall. Land softly.

August Experience Meme

For byslantedlight
Been married:n
Been divorced:n
Been in love: y
Gone on a blind date:y
Skipped school: y
Watched someone give birth:n
Watched someone die:y
Been to Canada: y
Been to Spain:n
Ridden in an ambulance: not ridden, did have a check in one.
Been to Hawaii:n
Been to the Shetland Islands n
Been to Europe: y
Been to North America: y
Been to Las Vegas: n
Been to Manchester: n
Been to Washington D.C: y
Been to London: y
Been to Nashville:n
Been to Nottingham: n
Visited Florida: y
Visited Cornwall: n
Visited Mexico:n
Visited France: y
Seen the Grand Canyon in person: n
Seen the Swiss Alps in person: n
Flown in a helicopter: n
Been on a cruise:n
Served on a jury:n
Been in a movie:n
Danced in the rain: n
Been to Los Angeles:n
Been to Edinburgh: y
Been to New York City: y
Been to Cardiff: n
Played in a marching band:n
Sang karaoke:n
Laughed so much you cried: y
Laughed so hard you peed:y
Caught a snowflake on your tongue: y
Had children:n
Had a pet(s):y
Been sledding on a big hill:y
Been downhill skiing:n
Been water skiing:n
Rode on a motorcycle: n
Travelled to all 50 states in the USA:n
Travelled to all 50 sovereign states in Europe:n
Travelled to all 4 countries in the UK: n
Jumped out of a plane:n
Been to a drive-in movie: y
Rode an elephant: (Nope, but I've ridden a camel! Why doesn't this say camel?!)y (at a zoo. Successfully ruding a camel, I think would be harder.)
Rode a horse: y
Been on TV: n
Been in the newspaper: n (unless you count being name checked in an obituary)
Stayed in the hospital: y
Gotten a piercing: y
Driven a stick shift vehicle: n
Driven an automatic gears vehicle: n
Been scuba diving: n
Lived on your own: y
Rode in the back of a police car: n
Got a speeding ticket: n
Broken a bone: n
Gotten stitches: y
Travelled alone: y
Bought a house:n
Danced all night:n
Road tripped with friends: y
Gone white water rafting:n

I Guess It Is Spring After All

Just the last few days, the temperature has risen to what I recognize as springlike. I'm fond of wild or low-maintenance flowers myself, like dandelions and lilies of the valley (haven't seen any of the latter yet), lilacs and violets and bleeding-hearts.


In fact, I'm beginning to get a story idea. How does "Bleeding Hearts" sound as a title?