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18th July 2009

4:16pm: Wages of Vice, Part 7
Part 7Collapse )
4:04pm: Wages of Vice, Part 6
Part 6Collapse )
3:58pm: Wages of Vice, Part 5
Part 5Collapse )
3:45pm: Wages of Vice, Part 4
Part 4Collapse )
10:52am: Wages of Vice, Part 3
Part 3Collapse )
10:37am: Wages of Vice, Part 2
Part 2Collapse )
10:26am: The Wages of Vice, Part 1
Part 1Collapse )
10:00am: Saving fic from Geocities, one at a time--Author's note for "Wages of Vice"
There are half a dozen things I should be doing, including writing other fic, but a kind rec I read while looking for new reading in the Heyer slash fandom reminded me that there was a hella lot of coding in "Wages of Vice" and that I didn't really want to have to redo it should I miss the Geocities closing (for which I have now heard two or three different dates). So, transferring here.Collapse )

14th July 2009

10:02pm: Rare Slash: I Write It
Title: "In Vino"
Fandom: To Serve Them All My Days, novel by R. F. Delderfield, PBS miniseries adaptation
Pairing: Ian Howarth/David Powlett-Jones
Word count: 3681
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: war images (WWI)
Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to the estate of R. F. Delderfield and the BBC copyright holders for the script. I have quoted around five minutes of dialog, but this story makes no profit and is meant as tribute to the performance of the actors and the storytelling of the author.

Author's Note: Much though I love the book, Alan McNaughtan's performance of the role of Haworth makes the miniseries so much slashier that I just had to write this.

Summary: On Armistice night, Haworth gets Powlett-Jones drunk.Collapse )

3rd April 2009

10:17am: Still on LJ
And reading as much of RaceFail09 as I can stand at a sitting, then going on with my other life, then going back for more. (Most concise summary EVER, in that first comment.)

A lot of the discussion, the most important and moving part, has been the perspectives of readers and writers of color; the fact that this is the real heart of the issue has needed a lot, a whole, whole lot, of work to keep on the table so that the whole thing doesn't just slip down the toilet of FAIL. Specifically, so much "OMG consider our white feelings!!!11" has been going around that there's now a whole community to encourage more talk about racism in F/SF instead, of, you know, what a very nice person Failhappy Fails was when I met him/her at a con, while Cocksure Failey and Mr. and Mrs. Pantsless Failton-Smythe are just loyal friends and the lurkers s. them in e. (And for god's sake talk nice, because otherwise I won't listen, having the privelege to turn away and all.)

Meanwhile, um, I'm a white writer who wants to talk about my feelings and how I write characters of color. In other words, I am on the outskirts of the discussion. Which is the right place. Moreover, I don't imagine there's really that much traffic here, especially since it's been three years since I posted anything, so that my big contribution is probably the links above.

Still, I'm posting.

I do write characters of color because we do not live on White Planet. I write characters of various sexualities because we're all here. I write about women and men...yeah, you get it. (Intersex, I'm going to get to in another post, if I decide not to just dump the draft and try to fail better next time.)

I write fantasy and SF because I imagine other worlds, other versions of our world, and I write slash fanfic and historical fiction out of the same basic impulse, since "Starsky and Hutch could be bi, you know (and so could those fighter pilots in Dawn Patrol)" is frankly a fantastic/othering viewpoint, a resistant reading of the real "text"s.

The impulses are alike for me. But there are, there MUST be differences in approach and method. I'm going to spend a couple of posts navel-gazing and self-evaluating about this. If nobody looks, it's still worth doing, and worth doing where I can be called on my shit if I need it and if anybody bothers.

(Offline life note: end of tax season and afterwards of semester may cramp my responding and/or posting style. Comments are, nevertheless, open.)

22nd December 2006

6:49pm: Hey, I'm Chip Delany!
Hah, that's great! I'll be the author of The Reflection of Light in Water ANY time. And what a handsome beard he has these days.

I am:
Samuel R. "Chip" Delany
Few have had such broad commercial success with aggressively experimental prose techniques.

Which science fiction writer are you?

(Though if only I were quieter (and married), I could have been Ursula K. LeGuin, who...yeah. BEST RITR EVAH!!!11! mad fangirl, here.)

24th October 2006

2:49am: Hi, My Name Is Ranty McRantypants
I should shut up, since I’m not a member of the list this discussion happened on, but…well, the Internet is for porn and the LJ is for rant. So here is mine.Collapse )

*deep breath* There, that’s my wankiness allowance for the year, POOF! Gone. I’ll have to be good now.

29th May 2006

2:24pm: Apology
I've got an early-summer-session class, and it's been EATING MY BRAIN. I'm making this general apology for not answering the feedback people have given me, and ... now I will go answer it.
Current Mood: ashamed

6th May 2006

8:00am: SH Five Things Story: Ce n'est pas un baiser, part deux
(part two starts in the middle of a section)Collapse )
7:22am: SH Five Things story: Ce n'est pas un baiser, part 1
There are sooooo many things I should be doing instead of this. In fact (looks down at time on monitor) sleeping is one of them.

But I just read yet another five-things story (in SG-A, actually) and thought again about that shapeless mess of a story about S&H's first kiss that I periodically pull out and try to write, and maybe...maybe, what it needs is to be a couple of five-things-meme stories.

So let's try that. Here's the first one, which was the easiest since it was just carving out of the huge shapeless mush of scenes that the draft was.

(P.S. Ironically, the POV is pretty mixed here.)

Ce n'est pas un baiserCollapse )

5th May 2006

7:32pm: tl;probably dr ... on SH POV
Mostly in response to the second reply post on my shiny new LJ! (And relax, I'll stop counting now.)

Point of viewCollapse )

15th April 2006

9:06am: Old Starsky/Hutch fic: Wrestling as One of the Fine Arts
I need to learn to use LJ-cuts, and this is actually one of my personal favorites of my fanfic. So...

Wrestling as One of the Fine Arts
5877 words
PWP, NC-17

Wrestling as One of the Fine ArtsCollapse )

9th April 2006

5:20pm: Hello, eljay
I began to feel like someone who wouldn't give up Betamax. Also, I'm spending increasing amounts of time reading lj comms, and I might want to post on one someday.

I don't think I'll really be doing much journaling, but there should be some fic on here eventually.
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